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The mythical liqueurs of Taprobane


In days of yore, ancient mariners told of a mystical island to the East of Eden. A paradise, set in azure sea, blessed with a balmy clime and caressed by gentle breezes. Here dusky maidens tempted those fortunates who chanced upon its shores with libations said to be from the gods themselves.
Cerandip has reprised these mystical recipes long thought lost in the mists of time to create two outstanding liqueurs.

Cerandip Coconut

Cream Liqueur

Fresh dairy cream cows grazing freely on the green meadows of Bonnievale flavored with Arrack, the Spirit of Old Ceylon, and enhanced with tropical spices has resulted in a unique cream liqueur of exceptional taste and versatility.

Best served cold on its own or over ice. Excellent as a desert topping or ingredient. Works well over any flavor of ice cream.


Coconut Cream and Coconut Gold
So tempting they’re almost sinful

Cerandip Coconut Gold Liqueur

The golden hues of this liqueur hint at something exotic and rare. Indeed, a taste experience not known in perhaps a century or more awaits. Complexity flavors from wood-matured Arrack laced with luscious caramel and with a hint of Cinnamon that excites the senses.

Serve cold on its own or over ice. It mixes well with soda for a lighter drink and with lemonade for those who prefer a refreshing long drink. It is truly exceptional when mixed with Champagne, a good MCC, or Prosecco.

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